Kamakalavilasa: Word and Meaning as Shiva and Shakti

Word (vak) and its meaning (artha) are always united. They are Shiva and Shakti which are three-fold as Creation, Maintenance, and Dissolution, and as the three bijas.

– Kamakalavilasa 1.12

For the average person, this should remind you to be conscious with your speech, always carrying the consciousness of Shiva and Shakti with humility. Speak only what is true (creation), what is kind (maintenance), and what is necessary (dissolution).

For the Tantric sadhaka/sadhika, this holds a key to understanding the nature of MAA as liberator through the forms of Knowledge (Jnana), Action (Kriya), and Will (Iccha). The triangle of the yoni in the yantra reminds us of this constantly, as the three points symbolize Iccha, Jnana, and Kriya, crystallizing into the bindu of unification.

Photo credit: Khajuraho Temple by Courtney Tait